Drain pumps with synchronous motor

A world of possibilities – Amongst others our synchronous drain pumps are developed for use in washing machines and dishwashers. We have a wide variety of drain pumps as well as design and development expertise to ensure that the performance meets the requirements of every application.


The single-phase synchronous motor which drives the drain pump has almost completely replaced the shaded pole motor which has dominated this sector for decades. This new drain pump is now simply referred to as a "synchronous pump".

Our HANNING synchronous drain pump is absolutely leak-proof. This is achieved by a new pump design. The dynamic sealing, used in shaded pole pumps could be eliminated. Due to the design, the pumps resist blocking and clogging by reversing direction and clearing the obstruction.

Technical features
  • Encapsulated coil
  • Encapsulated magnet
  • Impeller with labyrinth system
  • High-quality and efficient double lip seal
  • The 50 Hz versions of the synchronous drain pump with encapsulated coil (DPS-type) are impedance protected
  • Rugged coupling system
  • High efficiency
  • Continuous operation
  • Easy bayonet fixing system of the pump housing available; different outlet positions possible
  • Different terminal configurations available
  • Alternative "open coil variant" with an optional cover available
  • HANNING offers to custom design the pump to any necessary hydraulic, electric or mechanical requirements
  • Three ranges of performance - stack length 25 mm, 35 mm or 40 mm - for different flow rate requirements
  • Multiple approvals (VDE, UL, cUL, CCC)
  • 50 Hz or 60 Hz for world-wide applications
  • 220 / 240 V, 120 V or any other voltages for world-wide application
  • Encapsulated or open coil (coil cover optional)
  • Different approvals
  • Pump housing fixing system by means of bayonet catches or affixed by screws
  • Various outlet positions
  • Different filter pump housing designs
  • Different terminal configurations
  • Different variants for variable hydraulic performances (Stator stack length 25 mm, 35 mm or 40 mm)
  • Pump housing with bypass to eliminate gurgling noise

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